Sands Beer

When you want a full-bodied beer, you want a High Rock, named after the High Rock settlement in East Grand Bahama. High Rock Beer is brewed using the German "Purity Law", Malt, Water, Hops and Yeast. This gives it a longer fermentation to help with a smooth full-bodied and bolder tasting larger with no after taste.

On November 18th, 2009, Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Company launched its fourth beer, High Rock, a premium lager beer. The newest addition to the Brewery's line of successful beers is a higher end lager, delivering a crisp and refreshing taste with a bolder constitution.

"Lager beer is one of the most popular beers made in the world," said Lynden Johnson, Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Sales and Marketing Manager. "High Rock will be our higher end lager using the method of longer maturation which gives HIGH ROCK a wholesome quality. Allowing the slow acting yeast to ferment during storage gives it more body – much like a European beer."

High Rock LagerThe name of the newest beer to join the Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Co. family, HIGH ROCK, was derived from the 2006 competition launched by brewery owner James "Jimmy" Sands. This unique contest allowed all Grand Bahamians to submit their ideas for "Truly Bahamian" beer names – even before the brewery opened!

The competition offered contestants a chance to win $3,000 for their ideas. When the brewery opened "Sands" was the first name chosen and then "High Rock" the second name. At the time two local ladies had submitted this name, Ethel Bethel and Garnell Frith, and thus won $1,500 each.

High Rock bellows "Truly Bahamian" from its smooth finish to its original bottle design. The lighthouse on the label and bottle cap are reminiscent of an out island feel, and there is in fact a lighthouse in the High Rock community. Its distinctive green bottle is not only a great "green" colour but is also a "green" environmental product as it is recyclable.

Notably though, for fans waiting for the next great brew, High Rock's taste is pure and aromatic. The longer aging process gives it a slightly darker golden colour as well as a wholesome quality. Brewed with no sugar, it delivers a pure taste with a smooth finish.

Sands noted "I am ecstatic to present yet another beer to The Bahamas. We have had great success with Sands, Sands Light, Strong Back and even our malt-beverage, Triple B. I am confident that our premium lager will have a similar impact on the market."

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