Sharkeez Staff Visits Bahamian Brewery

Bahamian Brewery and Beverage continued their “fly-in” tours of the brewery in Grand Bahama last week.  The latest guests were Sharkeez’s Bar & Grill’s entire team along with the top sales waitress from well-known Van Breugel’s, Ms. Keva Rose.

“In December we launched a sales programme with our local bars in Nassau,” explained Bahamian Brewery Director of Sales and Marketing, Lynden Johnson. “When people visit the brewery, especially our front line sales teams, they become great ambassadors about our brand and sell our beer even better!”  The group of 12 were flown to Grand Bahama on Western Air, and bused to the brewery for a morning tour and brand tasting.  The group was then given a Freeport city tour culminating with a late lunch at the famous Garden of the Groves.

Speaking with Amanda Neely, Office Manager at Sharkeez and Bar Manager Lorraine Cartwright, both were impressed with the brewery and the cleanness of the brewery facilities. “It’s been wonderful to see where they make the beer you sell every day,” said Cartwright.
“Amanda and I are impressed with the facility, the staff, plus we get to see Freeport!” 

Sharkeez Bar and Grill, according to Ahmahl Amedu, Assistant General Manager, is the ‘Place To Be’ in Downtown Nassau. Located on the waterfront of historic Prince George Wharf overlooking the harbour and cruise ships, Amedu says they offer the best in Bahamian cuisine, giant TVs for sports, a fun atmosphere and of course truly Bahamian beer on tap.  “Our clients really like Sands, especially chilled from the keg,” said Amedu. “We can see over 500 customers in a day, seven days a week and they want to try local brews.  I think the comparable taste to Bud Light and the great cost makes our visitors great fans of the product and has us beating our sales goals daily.”

Bahamian Brewery and Beverage plans to continue these promotions as they strive to become the leading beer in the country and spread their ‘Truly Bahamian’ message throughout the islands.  To learn more about the brands they sell visit their website at or join their growing number of fans on Facebook.

Created by:Barefoot Marketing
Date created:February 11, 2014