Huge Turnout in Exuma for Sands Second Sculling Competition

Although the morning of the sculling race was gloomy and full of rain, the sun came out and allowed the Sands ‘Man in the Boat’ Sculling race to be a huge success at this year’s National Family Island Regatta in Exuma.

The DJ at the regatta was a huge supporter, and his announcement of the sculling race resulted in twenty-four scullers registering for the race.  Additionally, more scullers registered for the race once the races began.  There was an amazing turn out of spectators at the race, including the Prime Minister and other Cabinet Ministers.

“The crowd was extremely engaging, shouting for their favorite sculler,” said Lynden Johnson, Sales and Marketing Manager at Bahamian Brewery and Beverage.  “One of the highlights of the day was when Sam Brown’s oar broke and he dove into the water, collected the broken oar and actually finished the race.”

After several heats, Danny Knowles, David Rolle, Stephen Rolle and Patrick Johnson, emerged as the finalists.  While the finalists rested before competing for the winning title, some ladies got in on the action and showed off their sculling skills.

Once the ladies had a chance to compete, the finalists got in their boats, and Stephen Rolle sculled his way to victory.  Additionally, Danny Knowles placed second and David Rolle placed third.  Stephen Rolle also qualified for the Sands ‘Man in The Boat’ Sculling Championship, which will bring all the sculling winners from across the archipelago to one island for the 2014 winner.

The next stop for, the ‘Man in the Boat’ Sculling Race is Salt Pond, Long Island, on Labour Day weekend.  Bahamian Brewery and Beverage encourages all interested scullers to meet them at the next sculling race stay tuned to their facebook page for more information.

Created by:Barefoot Marketing
Date created:May 02, 2014