A Striving Alliance With The Brewery and Atlantis

The partnership between Atlantis Resort and The Bahamian Brewery & Beverage continues to strengthen, as nine members of the food and beverage staff visited the home of the brewery in Grand Bahama to sample the beers and participate in a familiarization tour of the facility and the island.

The Brewery first started working with Atlantis three years ago and since then, the mega resort that employs almost 9,000 Bahamians, has become both the largest resort purchaser and third largest seller overall of brewery products.

Additionally, the success of the partnership birthed a new exclusive “Atlantis Ale” brand last year, which is now being served in all 42 of the resort’s food and beverage outlets in New Providence.

While enjoying truly Bahamian beers such as Bush Crack and Strong Back, the group was treated to a personal meet and greet with Owner and CEO of the Brewery, James ‘Jimmy’ Sands who personally welcomed the group. “Thank you for your tremendous support of the brewery and our products through Atlantis from day one,” he said. He also called Atlantis a “benefit to the country,” and added “You know you are like a show window, with so many guests from so many different countries trying our products, we get so much more exposure to different markets.”

Brian Rahming, Director of Food and Beverage with Atlantis said, “In my experience, because Sands is something foreign, the visitors look to us for that guidance. The beer itself represents something that is so authentic since it’s actually made here in The Bahamas and that’s why guests want to try it and they love it.” 

Being the first and only truly Bahamian brewery, the company has grown exceptionally well since its’ inception in 2007 and continues to expand as the third largest beer brewery in The Caribbean, with plans now in the works to cultivate a Beer Garden on the 20 acre property in Grand Bahama.  

In his closing remarks, Mr. Sands informed the Atlantis group that he could not have achieved what he has thus far without them, “People like your selves helped make the Brewery what it is today. At first, people were very skeptical and rightfully so, but we succeeded because of people like you who believe in our products.” 

Created by:Barefoot Marketing
Date created:July 02, 2014