Resorts World Bimini to Feature Truly Bahamian Beer

Bahamian Brewery and Beverage is continuing to forge relationships with hotels in The Bahamas and recently offered a tour to food and beverage executives from Resorts World Bimini as a part of their plan to have truly Bahamian beers available everywhere in The Bahamas.

The Resorts World property will be having a soft opening next month, with a full opening in 2016, and is looking to partner with Bahamian Brewery and Beverage to feature their beers at the resort.  Food and Beverage Manager at Resorts World Bimini Patrick Fortemps noted, “We are pleased to be here today and visit the brewery. We are opening the full resort soon and want our weekly visitors to have a truly Bahamian experience and we want to see them sippin’ a Sands.”

The group of seven executives experienced a brewery tour led by Gary Sands, Sales Executive, and learned about how all the local beers are produced at the Grand Bahama facility.

Former Grand Bahama resident William Martinborough, who now works at the Resort, commented, “It’s exciting to be back in my hometown and showing off our own brewery. We are making an effort at the resort to showcase and promote everything Bahamian and the Bahamian Brewery has a great story and history for our guests - and great beer!”

The Resorts World team was flown in for the day by the brewery and after an exclusive tour of the premises they were given an island tour with lunch at Garden of the Groves. “It’s important for the food and beverage team to know where the beer they are selling is brewed and how it’s bottled,” said Sands. “They interact with the guests and it helps sell our products when they explain where Sands and our sister products are created.”

 Resorts World Bimini has recently released news about the millions of dollars they have spent, and continue to spend, with local businesses including food and beverage, transportation, and entertainment. Fortemps noted, “I’ve worked all over the world: New York, Paris, Chicago and more, and this is one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever worked on. The guests all comment on the great service and we hope to make that even better by providing Sands beers.”

Created by:Barefoot Marketing
Date created:February 24, 2015