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Newest Sands Promotion Results in Big Payoff for Lucky Beer Drinker

Nassau, Bahamas – Christmas has come a little early for one lucky Sands Beer drinker all thanks to the latest promotion from the country’s Truly Bahamian beer brand. Dubbed The Big Payoff, the contest gave Sands fans across the country the chance to win a 10K final cash prize for purchasing their favourite Sands beer product. 

“The Sands beer scratch card promotions are always popular with our consumers” noted BBB Executive Marketing Manager Wellington Seymour. “This year, Sands did not mess around with gift prizes, we went straight to cold hard cash.”

Between August and October customers, throughout The Bahamas, entering any of Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits 9 locations or other partnering liquor stores and purchasing Sands Beer products were able to scratch and win for cash on the spot, in addition to being given an entry into the grand prize drawing.

“Scratch cards were valued with cash winnings from $5 up to $2,500,” explained Seymour. “We like the scratch-and-win promotion for Sands beer because many Bahamians love a little game of chance and so to get that thrill on something they were going to purchase anyway is already a win.”

This year’s Sands promotion not only served to treat its customers but also gave its retail partners a  special incentive. As an added new element to this year’s promotion, participating stores would also win when the customer won. “This is the first time we’ve included the liquor stores in the winnings” explained Joel Smith, Sands Senior Brand manager. “Of course, they are happy when their customers win cash, but it made it even sweeter when they knew that meant money in their pockets too. It’s a win-win program,” he said. 

As the buzz about the new cash promotion spread, so did the interest from both beer drinkers and our partners wanting to play the game. This year’s promotion winner was drawn from scores of entries received from all over the islands, during a live remote in Nassau.  The Big Pay Off winner was announced as Mr. Cartwright – a Grand Bahamian,  who bought his beer from Phluid Factory on Queen’s Highway, Freeport.

“This came at the right time,” said Cartwright whose scratch-off ticket made him the lucky winner of the grand cash prize. A longtime drinker of Sands Beer and other Brewery products Cartwright praised the company for always giving back to its customers. 

“One thing about Sands is that they always have a promotion to give back to their customers” he noted “and this one happened to be the one that I won so I’m very excited.”

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