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Budweiser Rolls Out Red Carpet for FIFA Promotion Winners 

New Providence, Bahamas – The highly anticipated FIFA World Cup Series is attracting television and in-person viewers from across the globe as fans of the game tune in to watch their favourite soccer (football) stars compete. When crowds erupted into cheers during two of this year’s most exciting games – Spain vs Germany, and Portugal vs Uruguay – The Bahamas Flag could be seen waving amid the sea of soccer fans all thanks to AB InBev, Budweiser, and Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits. 

Following a once in a lifetime opportunity, Budweiser, Jimmy’s, and FIFA gave one lucky consumer a chance to win a trip to the World Cup 2022 games in Qatar by purchasing a 6-pack of Budweiser for a chance to win. Wilson Bain scored the official win and immediately began preparations for a bucket list trip of a lifetime. 

“Budweiser is the official beer sponsor of the FIFI World Cup and has been sending soccer fans to the games for some time now. Our goal is, and always has been to create experiences that meet and exceed the expectations of our winners,” explained AB InBev Brand Manager Nathan Arnett. “Mr. Bain’s name was pulled from thousands of submissions we received between July and September.”

On November 26th, Bain, who is not only a soccer coach but a 20-year veteran of The Bahamas National Soccer team, and his son Denardo Bain – a former soccer star in his own right – were whisked away on an exclusive and all-expense-paid excursion. 

“Budweiser rolled out the red carpet for the winners of the FIFA competition” noted Jimmy’s Executive Sales & Marketing Manager Wellington Seymour. “From the Meet & Greet at the airport to the arrival at the W Hotel in Doha, the hospitality and service were unmatched, and Budweiser spared no expense.”

During their international excursion, the winners were able to take in the live entertainment in the featured hospitality park which also gave them preferred access to delicious local and international cuisine. Off-site, the winners were treated to authentic Qatari culture at the National Museum and other cultural events as well. 

Oranique Hamilton, Jimmy’s Sales Manager, recalled “The cultural experience was further enhanced with joy rides in the sand dunes which culminated with cold Budweisers and lunch in a Qatari tent in the middle of the desert.” “The red carpet treatment continued at the mosque visits. After being fitted in a plush dressing room from a selection of abayas we were personally given a tour and educated by an imam,” Hamilton continued. 

.The highlight of the trip was the exciting soccer matchups hosted at Al-Bayt Stadium. On November 27, The Bahamas delegation was front and center for the showdown between Spain and Germany. For the father-son duo, the experience was exhilarating. “There is nothing like being in the stadium and experiencing the roar of the crowd, feeling the passion of the players” Bain gushed. “It really was an experience of a lifetime.” A day later, the Jimmy’s team visited the famed Lusail Stadium to watch the exciting matchup between Portugal vs Uruguay which proved to be another amazing live experience. 

Now back on Bahamian soil, Bain says he will treasure the memories from this trip. “This trip couldn’t have been more perfect” Bain noted. “Budweiser truly rolled out the red carpet and made this an unforgettable experience from start to finish. The fact that I got to experience two of the biggest games of the series and I got to do it with my son is just the icing on top of a really big cake and I’m grateful to the entire team at  Jimmy’s Wines & Spirits  for making that happen.”

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